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What we do

Neon Menu is an arm of the local children’s publication, Neon Rainbow. Neon Menu provides local restaurants with a new Kid’s Menu Alternative. This 8-10 page booklet is filled with activity pages that keep kids entertained, showcases the restaurant’s menu, all while highlighting other local businesses. 

Like No Other

Neon Menu is not like any other kid’s menu out there. Normally, kids to a maze, crossword, word search, or coloring activity, then they leave it on the table, and the restaurant throws it away. This is different! Kids will want to take this with them, and so will the parents. We create these menus to keep kids entertained, just like Neon Rainbow, but unlike other kid’s menus, the fun doesn’t stop after the food comes. 

Want your business in one of our menus? 

We limit the number of businesses to a max of 10, and only 1 business per industry, in each menu. So, you better hurry before your competitor beats you! 

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Send us your logo, branding, or any other files that you want to be included in your activity page. 

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