Let’s build a flower box and plant some of your favorite flowers! You’ll need some help from dad – or mom – on this project! And we’re sure you’ll enjoy doing this together!

We’ve made a list of things you’ll be needing, some of these things you could already have around the house. For instance, I bet you already have a hammer, paint or markers that can be used. You may even have a hand saw hanging in the garage or dad’s workshop. If you take a walk around the yard, you might even find a few rocks to pick up for your project! I’m sure mom has a plastic pitcher she uses for sweet tea or lemonade that you can borrow to water your plants. The first thing we’re going to do is build a planter using the building materials on the list. Once our planter is made, you can paint it with your own creative pictures. When the paint has dried, you’ll be ready to plant your flowers.

What You’ll Need

Building Materials:

(1) 6 ft. Fencing Plank
(24) 1″ Nails
Paint (optional)

Planting Materials:

(1) Bag Planting Soil
4-6 Plants of your choice
Water Pitcher


Let’s Get Started!

Have a grown-up help you saw the wood pieces. You’ll need 5 pieces of wood from the fencing plank:
Cut the wood pieces
(2) 7″ end pieces
(2) 20″ pieces for the sides of the planter
(1) 18″ piece for the bottom of the planter


Arrange the wood pieces so you will have a visual of how your project is going to go together.

Nail the end boards to the bottom board.

Nail the side boards to the bottom board.

Your planter is now ready to paint and decorate!

When the paint is good and dry, fill with potting soil. Plant flowers and place in your favorite window sill.

Neon Rainbow