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Our Purpose

The purpose of Neon Rainbow publications is to provide non-electronic activities for children to do at home and on-the-go. By providing interactive activities, educational tools, and creative home projects in our magazine, we hope to spark a sense of adventure and curiosity in the families in our area and encourage them to become more engaged with their communities. We, as parents ourselves, feel that it’s important to celebrate the accomplishments and creativity of all of our children, encourage them to try new things, and pursue any interests they may have. Our issues are filled with content created, submitted, or inspired by local children here in the River Valley. Activities within the publication can include anything from coloring pages and word searches to instructions for DIY projects and recipes. The possibilities are endless!
Location: 423 Rogers Avenue STE 202B, Fort Smith, AR 72901

Telephone: (479) 653-4392


Hours: M-F: 9am – 5pm

Getting Involved

Does Neon Rainbow sound like something you or your business would be interested in getting involved with? If so, send us an email! We are always searching for sponsors, content creators, and fun events to share with our readers!

A Word

From Our Editor

” Neon Rainbow was created out of necessity. We needed something for our child to do (other than being on electronics) that would be fun and keep him entertained while we were out and about. Neon provides this and so much more for our child, and we hope it does for you children as well!”

– Lara Millican


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Our News & Announcements

As we post information about local events and parent resources, you can find them here!

Let’s Build a Flower Box!

Let’s build a flower box and plant some of your favorite flowers! You’ll need some help from dad - or mom - on this project! And we’re sure you’ll enjoy doing this together! We’ve made a list of things you’ll be needing, some of these things you could already have...

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Let’s Make Marshmallow Pops!

You will need: a pretty coffee cup small baking sheet measuring cup measuring spoons 6 lollipop sticks small microwave-safe bowl 6 large marshmallows 1 cup with or milk baking chocolate 2 tablespoons sprinkles  Easy as 1-2-3 Place your marshmallows on your baking...

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Educational Resources for Parents

As parents we all want to help our children succeed. Sometimes we need a little help when it comes to learning (it's hard being a teacher!). Below are a few educational resources every parent should know about! Khan Academy Khan Academy is chalk full of FREE resources...

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